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First, let me empathize. If you’re here, you’re probably experiencing some very difficult behaviors. And there is little that is more stressful than living with a reactive dog who growls, barks, lunges, and bites. Or, maybe you're having trouble getting your dog to go in the car, on walks or to the veterinarian because they are hiding, fleeing or refusing to move. You’re in the right place, and you’ll need an experienced guide.


Aside from specializing in fear and aggression cases for many years, I have personally been in your shoes with dogs of my own. This is not an easy hike. Dogs rarely spontaneously “just get over it.” And it’s very easy to make fear and aggression worse.


Like any view worth climbing to, there will be peaks and valleys along the way. Progress is not linear. You will have good days and bad days. Together we can develop the patience, skills and highly individualized behavior modification plans necessary to create the most efficient behavior change possible for your dog. I will support you throughout the journey.

I can help with:

fear of strangers

Resource guarding / possessive aggression

Generalized fear
or anxiety

handling sensitivity

 (touch, petting, grooming & vet procedures)

noise phobias & Sound sensitivity

dog-dog aggression, intra-household aggression


(aggression directed toward cats & small animals)


recovery from trauma


Aggression toward guests / Territorial aggression

Environmental fears

holden's premier

Ready for relief from complex behavior issues? You're in the right place.

initial consult

It all starts with a 90-minute Zoom consult where we will discuss important management techniques, assess your goals and establish a clear path toward achieving them. 


trail guide

After the initial consult, you receive a customized guide including:

  • An individualized assessment of your dog, the “whats and whys” of your dog’s behavior

  • Management safety  plans to get immediate relief for you and your dog

  • An overview of your dog’s long-term goals and how to reach them

  • Foundational steps of behavior modification & interactive training log

  • A veterinary referral letter if a clinical assessment is recommended

  • Essential gear checklist


LEt's go!

Up to 2 hours of remote support is offered after your initial consultation.


I'll guide you through snags and cheer on your progress.


Depending on your needs and goals, live follow-up sessions may be recommended.


Your Journey

Every case is different. Depending on your and your dog’s needs, I may recommend a series of follow-ups where we fine tune skills and monitor your dog’s progress, keeping you on-trail long term. Most clients see long-lasting changes after 4-8 sessions. These may be weekly or bi-weekly.

Ready to get started? Book Your Initial Consult

What if I need more help?

Packages & options


  • 30-min consultation

  • Management guide

  • Training overview & recommendations


A la carte SESSION

  • 45-minute follow-up

  • Practice your plan steps while I coach your progress

  • Ask questions and get answers



  • Initial 90-min consult

  • Up to 2 hours of email support 

  • 60-min follow-up to send you on your way



  • Initial 90-min consult

  • Seven 45-min follow-ups

  • 2 hours of email support per month


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