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Anxiety and panic are awful ways to feel. This issue is hard not just on your dog, but you as well. Complaints from neighbors, destroyed furniture or doors, accidents inside the home can all feel incredibly frustrating. Or maybe you’re just worried about what your dog is feeling while you’re gone, unable to focus or enjoy time away from home.


There is hope, if we hike this trail together. As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), I am expertly equipped to guide you to the summit: your dog can learn that time alone is safe. And you’ll feel relieved of stress and guilt for good.



It is incredibly difficult to “DIY” separation anxiety training. There are hundreds of variables to think about and every dog is a unique individual. My expertise is creating a trail guide individual to your dog and your situation. I do the heavy lifting of planning out your journey, and you just need to follow the simple steps, one foot in front of the other.



There are about 150 of us CSATs worldwide, and when you work with me you have our entire

team behind you. If there’s a particularly unique situation, something I haven’t seen before or I just need another set of eyes, I routinely consult with this close-knit network. The CSAT team

has dealt with every imaginable form of SA, and resolved many hundreds of cases.



Many trainers will not even take separation anxiety cases. They’re just too hard or they’ve had poor resolution histories. Or worse, they use outdated and even dangerous advice like

inescapable Fort Knox-style crates or bark collars. This can make everything worse for your

dog, cause injury, and does not change your dog’s emotions about being alone.



When you hike with me, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the most efficient,

science-informed and evidence-based program there is. And because separation anxiety training is (and always has been) remote, you and your dog can be anywhere in the world!


Ready to get started?

We start with a 90-minute Zoom consult where I meet your dog, we learn what your dog can handle comfortably, your goal time, and set up your base camp together. You’ll learn exactly what the training protocol entails and see a typical field log where we’ll track your dog’s progress. You’ll receive a trail guide overview and handouts.