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puppy training

Congratulations on your new addition! There’s a good reason why puppies are so cute. All those warm-fuzzies you feel when looking at those dopey sweet faces offset (a little) how exhausting and frustrating puppy raising can be! 


Even the cutest and sweetest of puppies can interrupt our sleep schedule, cause damage from housetraining accidents, chew up our belongings and scratch our skin with those sharklike baby teeth. These might be your top priority -- and we can certainly address them in our consultation -- but we cannot forget about socialization during your puppy's sensitive developmental window. The clock is ticking!


The first 3-5 months of your puppy’s life is essential, not just to get a head-start on manners training, but to socialize them to the human-directed world they’ll be spending their lives in. Believe it or not, under-socialization is the root cause of most behavior issues later in life. And behavior issues are the number one cause of pet relinquishment.

holden's premier puppy package

This package is the best way to set up your puppy for a lifetime of joy!

(for dogs 16 weeks and under)

initial consult

It all starts with a 90-minute Zoom consult where we will discuss important management techniques, assess your goals and establish a clear path toward achieving them. 


trail guide

After the initial consult, you receive a customized guide which may include:

  • Housetraining 1-2-3

  • Play biting reduction

  • Interactive socialization checklist

  • How-to videos

  • Chew training plan

  • Crate training plan

  • Essential gear checklist

  • Mental & physical enrichment

  • Training class & playgroup recommendations for your area or online


LEt's go!

Training begins! As you work through the plans you will fill out your log or submit short videos. I will help coach you when you're stuck and cheer on your progress.


Up to 2 hours of remote support is included.


Ready to get started? Book Your Initial Consult

What if I need more help?

Want to add on some basic manners training? In an additional 45 minute sessions, you’ll learn the first steps of training “sit,” “down” and recall (“come”). We can also work on impulse control: turning those sits and downs into “stays” and work on “leave it.” Or, we’ll work on leash manners. Each session is $125 and can be customized to your needs.

A la carte follow-up session

45 minutes


4 weekly follow-up meetings

45 minutes/session


6 weekly follow-up sessions

45 minutes/session


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