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A Supportive & Inclusive Approach to Behavior Change

Whether you need a basic compass or a step-by-step detailed map, an experienced guide can get you to the summit.

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together, we can reach your behavior & training goals.

Have you found yourself feeling worried, disappointed, confused or even embarrassed about your dog’s behavior?

Do you feel like your dog is a joy, but the public doesn’t always see what you see?

Maybe you've gotten a noise complaint or had a bad experience at the dog park?

Or maybe you’re feeling frustrated with destructive behavior or potty accidents?

Do you just want to do more with your dog?

Whether you’ve got a land-shark puppy with no manners, a dog suffering from fear, aggression issues, reactivity or separation anxiety: we can reach your behavior and training goals.


I will guide you every step of the way.

I can help with:

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complex behavior cases

  • Fear, anxiety & phobias

  • Resource guarding

  • Handling sensitivity, veterinary fear and cooperative care

  • Dog-dog reactivity and aggression, multi-dog households 

  • Separation anxiety

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shelter & rescue

  • Shelter, rescue & adoption counseling for individuals

  • Playgroups consulting for organizations

  • Behavior evaluations

  • Foster home support and training

  • Shelter staff education

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Life skills training

  • Rocket recall & off-leash training

  • Service Dog evaluations and training

  • Cat-dog relationships

  • Puppy socialization

  • Manners and basic obedience

how i train

Your dog’s physical and emotional welfare are essential keys to their behavior success. I am a positive-reinforcement based trainer and utilize only humane methods to create powerful and long-lasting behavior change, as recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. I never recommend measures that cause pain, discomfort, or fear.

how training works:


initial consult

We'll discuss your dog’s history in depth, any behavior issues, and get a clear idea of your goals. You’ll learn why your dog is behaving this way and what immediate actions you can take to get relief from unwanted behaviors.


behavior plan

A personalized assessment including an overview of your dog’s long-term plan as well as the first steps of your practice. You receive a Trail Guide and videos. You’ll have a very clear idea of what to do next.



Training begins! As you work through the plan, you will fill out your dog’s log & submit short videos of your practice. I will review your work, help coach you when you're stuck and make adjustments as necessary. 



Up to 2 hours of remote support is offered after your initial consultation. I'll guide you through snags and cheer on your progress. Depending on your needs and goals, live follow-up sessions may be recommended.

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What My Clients Are Saying

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"All this work we've done we're really seeing the results. I almost couldn't believe it would work, but it really her all this structure of how to work through scary/stressful things is just giving her (and the humans) a really great life together."

- Kea’s human

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